Our MRI Technology

MRI Technology on Madison Wisconsin

Today’s MRI technology is used to diagnose strokes in early stages, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, cardiac issues, infections in the spine or joints, as well as conditions like tendonitis, fractures or herniated discs.

3 clinics in the Madison area Deming Way in Middleton • SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital-Madison • UnityPoint Health-Meriter.

With Turville Bay’s powerful technology, the quality is assured -

  • The most powerful MRI technology in a clinical setting.
  • Spacious, light-filled MRI suites with top technology.
  • Staffed by highly trained, caring technologists.
  • High quality diagnostic images.
  • Board-certified radiologists interpret exam films.
  • Fast turnaround for a quick, accurate diagnosis.


Siemens Skyra Open 3T

Turville Bay offers 2 3T MRI scanners with Siemens Skyra. Skyra utilizes ultra-lightweight coils (like small antenna) that make the images extra sharp but are easy on the patient. This magnet features -

  • A 70 cm wide interior bore that’s super short in length. It’s spacious.
  • Accommodation for those with back pain, kyphosis, respiratory problems, claustrophobia and anxiety.
  • Support for larger patients, pediatric patients, ICU patients or those dependent on medical equipment.


Siemens Skyra 3T MRI

GE SIGNA Explorer Open 1.5T

GE’s SIGNA Explorer is an MRI scanner that accommodates certain patients when 3T technology is not appropriate. Designed for patient comfort this magnet has

  • Room, 60 cm wide bore provides a more relaxed experience.
  • Short length bore means many exams are heads out.
  • Exceptional image quality reduces need for additional scans.
  • Quick completion times, most scans in less than 1 hour.
GE Signa Explorer MRI

Siemens Magnetom Symphony 1.5T

The Siemens Magnetom Symphony is patient friendly with its unique design that feature a -

  • Big 60 cm wide bore, and only about 5 feet in length with a flared opening.
  • Short tunnel giving patients airy comfort.
  • Super convenient location at our Deming Way suite.
Siemens Symphony MRI