Our Radiation Oncology Team

Radiation Oncologists
Turville Bay Radiation Oncologist
Michelle Kolton Mackay M.D.
Practicing at Turville Bay MRI & Radiation Oncology Center, Madison
Turville Bay Radiation Oncologist
June A. Kim M.D.
Practicing at Turville Bay MRI & Radiation Oncology Center, Madison
Turville Bay Radiation Oncologist
James T. Richardson M.D.
Practicing at Turville Bay MRI & Radiation Oncology Center, Madison
Radiation Oncologist at Turville Bay
Richard M. Auchter M.D.
Practicing at Turville Bay Radiation Oncology Center, St. Mary’s Hospital- Janesville
Portrait of Dr. Vic Liengswangwong M.D.
Vic Liengswangwong M.D.
Practicing at Turville Bay Radiation Oncology Center, St. Clare Hospital- Baraboo
Executive Director

Barb is responsible for planning and directing all operational and administrative aspects of Turville Bay MRI & Radiation Oncology Center. She oversees the staff and the technology to insure you have a good experience at Turville Bay.

Turville Bay Executive Director
Barb Thiermann-MHA, RT(R)(T)
Radiation Oncology Manager

Kim works with the physicists and the physicians, the nurses and the therapists, as they work in concert to care for you.

Turville Bay Radiation Oncology Manager
Kim Bangert - BS, RT(R)(T)(CT)
Radiation Therapists

Your Radiation Therapist will be with you daily during the course of your therapy. Therapists record, interpret and administer the treatment prescribed by your radiation oncologist under his or her supervision. They are highly skilled members of your care team, monitoring and observing your clinical progress and emotional needs as part of your daily care. In addition to their training they are all certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

Turville Bay Radiation Therapist
Turville Bay Radiation Therapist
Turville Bay Radiation Therapist
Turville Bay Radiation Therapist
Turville Bay Radiation Therapist
Radiation Therapist at Turville Bay
Turville Bay Radiation Therapist
Turville Bay Radiation Therapist
Turville Bay Radiation Therapist
Turville Bay Radiation Therapist
Business Office Supervisor

Barb is responsible for managing, planning and coordinating day to day operations in the Business Services department. Barb ensures that the department runs smoothly and proficiently to provide our patients and providers with a positive experience.

Turville Bay Business Office Manager
Oncology Nurses

Working directly with each physician and radiation therapist, our Oncology Nurses coordinate your care. They help educate, administer care and guide you through the radiation therapy part of your treatment by explaining possible side effects and how to manage them, assess how you are feeling and help you cope with change. With their cancer-specific knowledge they provide expert care. You’ll find our nurses are a wonderful resource for patients and their families.

Turville Bay Radiation Oncology Certified Nurse
Turville Bay Radiation Oncology Certified Nurse
Turville Bay Radiation Oncology Certified Nurse
Turville Bay Radiation Oncology Certified Nurse
Information Technology

In healthcare today, communication is essential. And when caring for those with cancer, communication is at the very core of it. Physicians, nurses, and other clinical staff are in daily communication with each other, and with the technology that cares for patients, regarding their progress. Our IT team is entrusted with confidentially caring for patient's healthcare information by keeping all communications flowing smoothly.

Turville Bay Information Technologist
Turville Bay Information Technologist
Turville Bay Information Technologist
Cancer Registrar

As Turville Bay's Cancer Registrar, Stacey captures a complete history, diagnosis, treatment, and health status for every patient while protecting patient identity. The data is combined with other cancer centers in the U.S. to provide essential information to researchers, healthcare providers, and public health officials to better monitor and advance cancer treatments, conduct research, and improve cancer prevention and screening programs.

Turville Bay Cancer Registrar

Though you may never meet your Dosimetrist, your care is their first priority. Dosimetrists carefully calculate the radiation dose used to treat a tumor or abnormality. Using computers, along with your radiation oncologist and a medical physicist, your treatment plans are developed. Dosimetrists are certified by the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists (AAMD).

Turville Bay Dosimetrist
Turville Bay Dosimetrist
Turville Bay Dosimetrist
Dosimetrist at Turville Bay

Greeting you each morning.

Turville Bay Receptionist
Medical Physicists

Turville Bay’s Medical Physicists are a key part of your team. They work directly with the Radiation Oncologist during your treatment planning and its delivery. A Medical Physicist oversees your treatment planning with the Dosimetrist and continues to work with the Radiation Oncologist during your treatment. Our Medical Physicists are responsible for the quality control of our technology, as well, performing countless safety tests to ensure its performance.

Turville Bay Medical Physicist
Jessica Klaers Ph.D., DABR
Turville Bay Medical Physicist
Alison Arnold, MS
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Manager at Turville Bay
Jenny Davidson - SPHR, SHRM-SCP, BA
Radiation Oncology Scheduler
Radiation Oncology Scheduler at Turville Bay