MRI Safety

MRI Safety

Please be sure that the MRI Procedure Screening Form we mailed you is completely filled out and brought to your appointment. The following represents a list of contraindicated and MRI-compatible devices. Please note, this is not a complete list but should serve as a guideline. If you require more information, please check with the MRI staff.

Contraindicated Objects / Implanted Devices

  • cardiac pacemaker*
  • implanted cardiac defibrillator
  • neurostimulator*
  • any type of implanted biostimulator*
  • any type of internal electrode(s), including pacing wires and cochlear implants
  • implanted insulin pump*
  • Swan-Ganz catheter
  • any type of electronic, mechanical or magnetic implant*
  • implanted drug infusion device*
  • metallic foreign body in the eye (if suspected, please contact us immediately)
  • ear implants (some are compatible, check with MRI staff)
  • aneurysm clips (some are compatible, please submit operative notes for review by the radiologist)
  • shrapnel or bullets (may not be contraindicated, check with MRI staff)
  • Pill Cam-Capsule Endoscopy Device

*Many of these devices are MRI compatible, but before MRI is done we need to know the type of device implanted and check to see if it has tested in a magnetic field.

PLEASE NOTE: Although, these items are compatible, they can cause severe artifacts (distortions) on the images in the area of the implant.

Objects To Be Removed

  • hearing aid
  • orbital/eye prosthesis
  • any type of implant held in place by a magnet
  • artificial limb
  • hair pins
  • wigs
  • jewelry
  • dentures
  • eyeglasses
  • credit cards, bank cards and anything else with a magnetic encoding will be erased by the magnet

PLEASE NOTE: Metal objects can become dangerous projectiles if they are taken into the scan room. They can be pulled out of pockets and off the body without warning and fly toward the opening of the magnet at very high speeds, posing a threat to anyone in the room. The more mass an object has, the more dangerous it can be, as the force with which it is attracted to the magnet is much stronger.