Preparing for an MRI

There is no special preparation for an MRI. Prescription and pain medications can be taken normally but if you are having an MRI exam of the pelvis and abdomen we ask you
Not to eat or drink for 4 hours prior to imaging.

What to Bring

  1. Please bring a picture ID, health insurance card with your policy number, the name of the policyholder (spouse or other family member whose name is on the insurance policy), and the policyholder’s date of birth.
  2. Bring any claim information, such as claim numbers, insurance carrier, and contact person, if your exam is a result of a work-related or auto accident, so that we can bill the correct party.
  3. If you have previous x-rays, CT scans, or MRI scans of the area that we will be scanning in your possession, bring them to your appointment.
  4. Bring the completed health forms, if you received paperwork in the mail. Fill out the forms completely and bring them with you to the consultation.
  5. If you did not receive paperwork or printed it from this website, you will be provided paperwork to fill out when you arrive.
  6. Share your implanted device card/information, if you have it.

What to Wear

  • Because MRI uses a powerful magnet, objects with metal or metallic properties (e.g., watches, cell phones, iPods, credit cards, coins, pocket knives, etc.) are not permitted in the MRI room.
  • You’ll change into clothing we provide so no metal is present.
  • You will be asked remove jewelry, eyeglasses, wigs (with metallic mesh or pins), and non-permanent dentures so that they do not interfere with exam quality or pose a safety concern.  If you have a piece of jewelry that cannot be removed, please contact our scheduling department for direction, (608) 259-4362.
  • Lockers are provided to secure your clothing and valuables.

Who Performs Your Exam?

Registered MRI Technologists will perform your MRI exam. When you arrive for your appointment and complete the necessary paperwork, one of our technologists or tech-aides will greet you in the lobby and escort you to the scan area. The technologist or tech-aide will review the health-history/exam forms you completed, explain the exam, and answer questions.

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